Sunday, September 27, 2009

Round 2: Sl's Newest Fashion Designer Competition

I just made it through the second round of SL's Newest Fashion Designer competition. It's a bit like project runway with one designer being eliminated every week after designing an outfit to a specified theme.
This second week we had design a dress inspired by a famous person or celebrity....something in their style.

This week I chose to design a dress for movie and stage star Anne Hathaway. A regular on the red carpet Anne has a distinctive style. This dress features a delicate gathered bodice with pink white and green features over a drop waist chiffon half skirt. The dress was inspired by her gown she wore to the Venice film Festival.
This dress is on sale now at the Glamazon mainstore for $280

The next elimination round is this sunday with only 10 designers left! This week our theme is fantasy..yikes!!

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